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Future Proof Your Business & Your Legacy

Marguerite O’Neal Consulting Inc helps business leaders to smash status quo thinking and implement strategic, innovative, creative disruption.  We believe this solution is the key to helping companies future-proof their business.   In addition to our strategy consulting services, we offer education that helps leaders to challenge and overcome conventional, status quo thinking.  This openness to new ideas and growth will stimulate new innovations

Aug 27, 2019

Aaron “Big A” Walker is a Professional Life & Business Coach with over 40 years of entrepreneurial experience. He has owned 14 companies, which has allowed him to have the right mindset when it came to managing his life and business. He has formed 15 Mastermind Groups with members that are considered experts in their respective communities and is the author of View From The Top, where he wrote about what it means to build a life of significance.


Aaron joins me today to describe what it means to identify what is significant in your life. He shares the wisdom he gathered from owning 14 different companies throughout his life and describes the unfortunate event that made him re-evaluate his goals. Aaron explains the importance of setting your priorities straight and how it can impact the way you run your life and your business.


“If you really want a legacy, you'll build relationships very intentionally.” - Aaron Walker




Today on the Creative Disruption Podcast:


  • Where his nickname "Big A" came from and how he got into this business.
  • The experience he had while running a company in his late 20s.
  • What it's like to have owned 14 companies in over 40 years.
  • The unfortunate event that changed his life forever.
  • Shedding light on his past failures and keeping others away from that road.
  • How he dealt with problems in his marriage and business.
  • Prioritizing your priorities in a way that promotes positivity.
  • Tips on preventing burnouts in work and in life.
  • The best piece of advice he's received and his "growth" mindset.
  • His approach to changing a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.
  • The benefits of being part of a community.



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