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Jun 11, 2018

CD032 Leading in an Age of Unpredictability with Marguerite O’Neal

This weekend, the complex and sensitive trade issue was addressed as G7 leaders met in Quebec, Canada. The result was a consensus between all of the G7 leaders, and yet, according to the media, there was a “war of words” between President Donald Trump and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau following the consensus.

Many people believe the breakdown in the agreement made at the G7 summit over the weekend was prompted by Prime Minister Trudeau and later responded to by President Trump.

As leaders of our organizations, it is important to evaluate scenarios like this - to identify where we believe communication breakdowns occur and how these breakdowns may be occurring within our own organizations. It is also critical that, once we identify when communication breakdowns occur, we take necessary steps to find a solution quickly.

On today’s episode, I discuss the importance of addressing complex and complicated issues within your organization and how the Age of Unpredictability can often lead to ambiguity and uncertainty. I share how applying Dr. David Weiss’ advice on creating an environment where people are openly willing to discuss things they don’t know can help distinguish complex problems from complicated problems. I also share my advice on how you can create an environment within your organization to allow managers and executive leaders to share ideas and solutions to complex and complicated issues openly.


“In this Age of Unpredictability, we can help bring a sense of calm to our organizations by reducing uncertainty and anxiety.” - Marguerite O’Neal



Today on the Creative Disruption Podcast:

  • The G7 consensus on the trade issue.
  • The “war of words” between President Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
  • Lessons we can learn from the G7 consensus and debate.
  • How Dr. David Weiss’ insight can be applied in your organization.
  • How organization leaders can create an environment where managers and executive leaders can share ideas and solutions openly.


3 Strategic Questions to Ask During Your Next Executive Meeting:

  1. How are we separating complex from complicated issues in our organization?
  2. How are decisions on complex issues communicated at various levels within our organization to ensure understanding and buy in?
  3. What new information are we as senior leaders contributing to help managers and their teams solve complicated problems they are facing?





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