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Future Proof Your Business & Your Legacy

Marguerite O’Neal Consulting Inc helps business leaders to smash status quo thinking and implement strategic, innovative, creative disruption.  We believe this solution is the key to helping companies future-proof their business.   In addition to our strategy consulting services, we offer education that helps leaders to challenge and overcome conventional, status quo thinking.  This openness to new ideas and growth will stimulate new innovations

Jul 17, 2018


As leaders in the industry, it is critical for us to assess and reassess how we manage our business as well as its people. There are many ways to lead an organization, but we shouldn’t limit our decisions purely to what we know and our perspective. It is, therefore, necessary for us to evolve the way we lead, and...

Jul 10, 2018

There is a rising trend in vaping and other recreational uses of cannabis since the Government of Canada announced that it would be legal in 2018. Many experts expect this trend to continue to rise when people feel safe to come out as users.  

This legislation poses a challenge to employers that need to be understood...

Jul 3, 2018

CD035 Get Bullish About Growth with Marguerite O'Neal

According to a recent report, Canadian CEOs are bullish on domestic growth which means they are confident to take on challenges and opportunities that may face their companies. Beyond being confident, senior executive leaders also see themselves as actively...