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Marguerite O’Neal Consulting Inc helps business leaders to smash status quo thinking and implement strategic, innovative, creative disruption.  We believe this solution is the key to helping companies future-proof their business.   In addition to our strategy consulting services, we offer education that helps leaders to challenge and overcome conventional, status quo thinking.  This openness to new ideas and growth will stimulate new innovations

Jun 26, 2018

According to estimates from the London School of Economics’ Global Leadership Summit survey, in 2020, 50-75% of the global workforce will be remotely distributed, flexible, and agile in various ways. Ching Mac is the Sales Director at Citrix Canada, where for the last 14 years, he has been responsible for the commercial business sector of the company across five district territories throughout Canada. He is a seasoned leader that is passionate about helping organizations reimagine IT.

Ching joins me today to discuss how organizations are connecting distributed teams through technology integrations. He shares why organizations need to embrace technology and use it as a driver to promote work-life balance for their employees, how CEOs can use technology to increase customer retention while building trust across remote teams, and why he believes some CEOs fail to properly introduce and integrate new technology across their organization. He also shares how organizations can properly protect their information and data when working with remote teams.


“People want to have that freedom - that ability - to do their job their way and be able to deliver on their commitments.” - Ching Mac


Today on the Creative Disruption Podcast:

  • The shift in today’s CEOs mindset regarding working with distributed teams.
  • How distributed teams impact the company’s growth as well as employee and customer retention.
  • How technology can impact work-life balance.
  • Role changes within technology-integrated organizations.
  • Knowing when to ask for help with technology-enabled strategies.
  • Etiquette strategies during team meetings with remote teams.
  • The importance of proper planning when implementing new technology within your organization.
  • The importance of encouraging employees to prioritize their activities and time to maintain health and work-life balance.
  • How to build an environment of trust with your employees through technology.
  • How technology helps build trusting relationships with customers.
  • How to protect what is visible when working with unprotected or unknown devices.


Key Takeaways:

  • Digital transformation is doing business in a new way, to do things differently, through technology.
  • Technology is an enabler and can drive transformation in your organization.
  • A lot of people value the work-life balance these days. You need to have that.


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