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Future Proof Your Business & Your Legacy

Marguerite O’Neal Consulting Inc helps business leaders to smash status quo thinking and implement strategic, innovative, creative disruption.  We believe this solution is the key to helping companies future-proof their business.   In addition to our strategy consulting services, we offer education that helps leaders to challenge and overcome conventional, status quo thinking.  This openness to new ideas and growth will stimulate new innovations

Jul 9, 2019

If you’re dreaming of having a C-Suite job, you’re probably working hard and long hours to show your dedication and commitment. You do your best to carry out your responsibilities and accomplish them promptly to show that you can deliver. Are these efforts enough to get you the C-level job you’ve always dreamed of?

In this episode, I’m sharing a superpower leadership strategy you can use immediately to start building an irresistible CEO brand. I’m sharing the story of someone I worked with who saw immediate results after taking my advice on what approach to use to obtain his dream job.


“The best superpower move you can make is to give your job away.” - Marguerite O’Neal


Today on the Creative Disruption Podcast:

  • How I guided a client who wanted a C-Suite job to get it
  • What to do when planning on building leaders instead of followers
  • How to “give away” your job
  • The benefits of giving your job away
  • How to create new opportunities in your job


Advice for Future-Proofing Your Business:

  • You have the power to create your career reality.
  • Figure out your superhero move so you can start to create your leadership legacy.


Level Up through Your Superhero Move!

Do you want to start your leadership legacy as a member of the C-level group? Collaborate with me to begin building your irresistible CEO brand by discovering the superpower leadership moves you can make that will make a difference in your career. Email me at today.


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