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Marguerite O’Neal Consulting Inc helps business leaders to smash status quo thinking and implement strategic, innovative, creative disruption.  We believe this solution is the key to helping companies future-proof their business.   In addition to our strategy consulting services, we offer education that helps leaders to challenge and overcome conventional, status quo thinking.  This openness to new ideas and growth will stimulate new innovations

Apr 23, 2019

Most of us, if not all, desire peace and harmony in our relationships at home and at work. Sadly, no matter how hard we try to pursue frictionless relationships with others, conflict is an inevitable factor that plays a constant role in our everyday lives, especially during the holidays. To avoid ruining special occasions, we consider different relational approaches to find a middle ground and hope things work for everyone. One of the most common strategies used by many people is making compromises.

On today’s episode, I share the meaning of compromise and the reasons why this is most common during the upcoming holidays. I also give examples of negative kinds of compromises and how these trade-offs ultimately result in unhealthy and dying relationships.


“When you take action to address a soul-sucking compromise, you give your brain a very powerful message that you are in charge.”


Today on the Creative Disruption Podcast:

  • The tendency to compromise
  • Common reasons why people compromise
  • Examples of common compromises
  • How negative compromises impact people
  • Common reasons people do not address ineffectual compromises


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