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Sep 24, 2019


Gail Green is the President of Emergenetics Ontario, a company focused on human capital development. They provide various solutions to help individuals, teams, and leaders understand the people they work with through methods based on psychometric research. Gail has over 16 years of experience as a solutions provider for companies that want to build culture, develop leadership, and execute priorities.


Gail joins me today to discuss what it means to embrace diversity through mindfulness. She shares the inspiration behind the founding Emergenetics and what they want to achieve with their programs. She explains how their system works, the clients they work with, and the kind of cultural impact they can have. Gail also defines psychological safety and how leaders can create it in their organization.




“Leaders must create team norms that will create psychological safety.”- Gail Green




Today on the Creative Disruption Podcast:


  • What Emergenetics is all about and what drove her to start this company.
  • The difference between being "culture blind" and being mindful of your behaviors.
  • How Emergenetics helps leaders reconnect with their team members.
  • What it means to embrace discomfort.
  • The unique approach they take to hire new people.
  • The definition of psychological safety and how leaders can create them for the company.
  • What she wants leaders to do for their organization.



Connect with Gail Green:







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